Summer Art Camp Rocks at PITTER POTTER STUDIO!

Each Session is 5 weeks. Choose Mondays or Thursdays 10:30 - 12:00
$150 for the entire 5 week session or $35 per single session
Ages 8 and up. Click Here to reserve your spot!

Session 1
June 1 through July 3, 2017

Week One - We will study David Hockney's abstract water designs with some seriously fun 3-D glaze! Each participant will make their own water color tile!

Week Two - We will recreate Pablo Picasso's Blue Guitar with Clay! Return for Week 5 to paint it!

Week Three - Let's paint with stickers! We will have fun making a "Tree of Life" on a dinner plate. (Klimt)

Week Four is a Bling-themed good time with watercolors!

Week Five - Time to paint our Pablo Picasso's Blue Guitar!

Session 2
July 6th through August 3, 2017

Week One - Still Life Painting on Salad Plate - We will use super fun 3-D glaze to paint some beautiful Still Lifes just like Paul Cezanne!

Week Two - Stitch Art with Pottery Glaze - Layering is a blast with lace! We will use several techniques on this plate to create an intricate and multifaceted abstract design. (Sashiko)

Week Three - Color & Texture - Let's explore Mark Rothko's Abstract Expressionism! Large brush strokes and fun block colors with some unconventional tools too!

Week Four -Watercolors and Artists Paper make this Surrealist piece super fun! We will draw some everday objects and then splice them up to make some eye-crossing designs! Lichtenstein's Clock

Week Five - Dali's Elephants - Spray bottles and straws are a painters delight! A terrific way to explore alternative methods of painting.